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robert pattinson
Twilight Fan Fiction
by Addicted to Edward
Practice Makes Perfect 
24th-Aug-2009 01:19 pm
robert pattinson
Written for Twilighter's Anonymous' Twibble Challenge. A Twibble is a piece of Twilight fan fiction that is 250 words or less and contains a specific quote.

The quote for this challenge was "Practice makes perfect." -Bella

Won first place in the challenge!  Thank you to everyone who voted for me! 

The third piece of thin elastic snapped in my thick fingers and shot across the room. A growl of frustration erupted from my chest. How could this one simple task be so difficult? I'd never failed at anything physical before.

"Come on, Uncle Emmett. We can't play dress up if you can't do my hair right!"

If it was anyone other than Nessie...You'd never catch me playing dress up and trying to make pigtails otherwise.

"Sorry, baby girl. I've never done this before." I stuck out my tongue at her and made my best goofy face. She giggled.

I grabbed another elastic and gathered her hair up again. Concentrating on moving extra slowly, I twisted the elastic once...twice around her hair. It didn't break this time! I sat back, crossing my arms over my chest, pleased with myself. "Hah! Got it!"

My grin faded as I watched her hair fall limp again, right before my eyes.

"You didn't do it tight enough!" Nessie chastised me, rolling her eyes. "Do it again!"

I heard peals of laughter from the doorway behind me. Rose was doubled over, she was laughing so hard.

"You know what they say, Emmett," Bella said around her giggles. "Practice makes perfect."

Rose stopped laughing only long enough to speak. "But Nessie might be full grown by the time you get it!"

I flipped them both the bird before starting my fifth attempt.
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